the traditional
The way we deal with finance has evolved. It is time for the financial infrastructure to follow this evolution.

Decentralized finance
in a centralized world.


Access to
global liquidity

With DeFi infrastructure, offer new products and attract offshore investments 10X faster and 70% cheaper.


Ready to go
blockchain structure

Easy and legally safe way of investing in good Latam yield using real world assets as collateral. Over 20% APY and transparency every step of the way.
Financing pools backed by
Real-world Assets
Group 12
Agent sets desired parameters, such as maximum concentration, interest rate and supported asset types of the pool.
Group 13
AmFi deploys the smart contracts and connects them to a pre-built legal structure so the agent may operate where desired.
Group 14
Global Investors access the AmFi dapp frontend and provide liquidity to the pool.
Group 15
Borrowers and Agents submit a credit note to the AmFi Pool instead of sending to an investment fund. This credit note is collateralized by real world assets.
Group 16
AmFi validates the financial asset and tokenizes it to unlock liquidity on the pool. Unlocked liquidity is converted into local FIAT and deposited to the borrower’s bank account.


Be a part
of the evolution
Break the barriers of international capital and expand your possibilities on the financial system.
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