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Common questions

AmFi is a company that is transforming the Brazilian capital market. 


We developed a financial platform that solves the main pain points of originators and investors. 

Our platform helps credit originators (fintechs and banking correspondents) seeking  liquidity to structure, distribute, and operate their own financial products quickly and easily, with fewer intermediaries and with more standardization and efficiency.


Through AmFi, Brazilian individuals (natural person) and institutional investors have access to structured credit products with control, security, and transparency superior to the market standard.

To learn more about AmFi and discover how our story came about, watch this incredible chat  we had with our partner João Hazim.

And in this article we talk a little about the practical benefits of the platform for credit originators.

AmFi is a platform that connects credit originators and investors. Through AmFi, Brazilian individuals (natural person) and institutional investors have access to structured credit products with control, security, and transparency superior to the market standard.


To offer this experience for both the originator and the investor, we bring together the latest regulatory innovations (such as the Novo Marco Legal da Securitização Novo Marco Legal da Securitização) with cutting-edge technology, based on blockchain and tokenization.


These best practices are offered through an infrastructure that uses blockchain as a basis, implementing automated processes, banking orchestration, and asset securitization.


The AmFi platform was designed so that several traditional financial assets are used as backing for operations. 


The investor benefits from the transparency and practicality that blockchain technology offers, such as access to new asset classes, real-time updates, and the possibility of investing without day or time restrictions. They also benefit from additional layers of security and governance, such as automatic but strict disbursement policies and the originators do not have direct access to capital. Only the final creditor has access.


See our materials about the different assets:

Legal claims



AmFi operates 100% within CVM and Federal Revenue regulations and the the incidence of tax will depend on the type of product and the investor. When there is a tax, for PF the regressive table applies, which is the same one already used for other traditional products, such as Tesouro Direto, CDBs and other fixed income securities.


Almost all of our opportunities correspond to a securitization operation, there will be an income tax depending on the characteristics of the investor. The securitization company is responsible for collecting taxes on operations.

AmFi annually reports to regulatory entities the amount of tax that was withheld at source.

Furthermore, there are individual assets (such as court orders and trade bills) that may be exempt in the transactions that are below R$35,000 because the investor's return in this case is not considered income, but capital gain.

See our FAQ and read about our legal and taxation.

The AmFi platform offers unique products, with a unique risk-return relationship in the market and with several layers of security, which result in greater control, transparency, and security for all its users. The information of operations is made available and updated in real time online and business rules are automated and implemented with technology, bringing greater transparency in operations management and, therefore, increasing profitability as we reduce processes and intermediaries.

All Opportunities available on the AmFi Platform are backed by existing, valid, and verified financial assets. This way, we created a unique vision of a digital asset 100% linked to a financial asset, which has a financial flow. Notwithstanding the aforementioned, every financial operation involves risks and you can find out more here.


In addition to the real assets that provide support for AmFi's operations, the investor benefits from the transparency and practicality that blockchain technology offers, such as access to new asset classes, real-time updates and being able to invest without day or time restrictions. They also benefits from additional layers of information security and governance, such as automatic but strict disbursement policies and the originators don’t have access to the capital. Only the final creditor has access.


In the case of pools (opportunities that are baskets of assets), the security layers consist of evaluating the originators' history through KYP, verifying the adherence of assets to the opportunity's eligibility criteria, structuring with subordination, in addition to the possibility of repurchase /coobligation.


Investing in single assets, in turn, assumes greater exposure to counterparty risk, but provides greater expectations of return over shorter periods.

Read more about our guarantees in our Whitepaper.

Yes, the new Marco Legal da Securitização, the Ofício Circular CVM/SSE 4/2023 and Ofício Circular CVM/SSE 6/2023 address the topic. Regulatory bodies have been very supportive of the development of this new technology. If you want to know more about what our lawyers think about the matter, check out this video about tokenization and OC 4/23 and this other video about how tokenization can change the debt market for the better in Brazil.

Furthermore, we can mention the Central Bank's acceleration programs, which have most of their projects involving blockchain and tokenization. Another case that shows that this is the development of Real Digital.

Tokenized assets reduce the cost of maintaining and structuring credit operations for originators, allowing the cost to be directed towards profitability for investors.


Tokenization brings several advantages. For companies, it allows faster and more efficient access to the value of receivables. Investors, on the other hand, gain a new class of assets to invest in, with greater transparency and the possibility of diversification.


Furthermore, tokenization can increase the liquidity of the receivables market as tokens can be bought and sold more easily. Ultimately, this innovation brings more efficiency, flexibility and opportunities to the receivables market.

See our articles on tokenization:
1) Tokenização: a nova fronteira na antecipação de recebíveis de cartão de crédito

2) Investindo no futuro: por que investir em tokens de recebíveis?

3) Why does AmFi tokenize financial assets?

Sim, o novo Marco Legal da Securitização, o Ofício Circular CVM/SSE 4/2023 e
o Ofício Circular CVM/SSE 6/2023 tratam do tema. Os órgãos reguladores têm
se mostrado muito favor√°veis ao desenvolvimento dessa nova tecnologia. Se
quiser saber mais sobre o que nossos advogados pensam sobre o assunto,
confira este vídeo sobre tokenização e o OC 4/23 e este outro vídeo sobre como
a tokenização pode mudar para melhor o mercado de dívida no Brasil.

Além disso, podemos citar os programas de aceleração do Banco Central, que
j√° contam com a maior parte de seus projetos envolvendo blockchain e
tokenização. Outro caso que mostra isso é o desenvolvimento do Real Digital.

Tokenization is the representation of real assets in digital forms that facilitate control and offer greater transparency.

We can mention some of the benefits of tokenization: wider geographic reach, greater liquidity, improved infrastructure, improved management of assets and liabilities.


See our publication on LinkedIn.


See some of our view on tokenization at AmFi in this video and in this other video.


Watch the full video we made with our partner Gustavo Cunha, Eduardo Tang (CLO at AmFi) and Erik Oioli (our lawyer partner at VBSO).


Also read our article on the topic: Token e tokenização. O que falta para tudo virar token?


Em nosso whitepaper, você pode entender o funcionamento detalhado:


And see what one of the biggest names in the market says about the subject: Larry Fink talks about asset tokenization.


We have a team of experts with experience in the market, mainly in structuring financial products. Furthermore, we have a committee that selects the most profitable opportunities, and we have developed a series of mechanisms with the originators to further guarantee security for investors.

To create a credit structure in the traditional market, an initial capital of at least R$20 million is required. Furthermore, the traditional market is slow in structuring (taking up to 12 months) and involves several service providers, which typically increase costs and add little value. For most small and medium-sized companies, there is no possibility of raising funds in this format, which is why excellent investment opportunities cannot access the private capital market. With AmFi technology we change this story and are able to control the level of risk in unique opportunities that return more to the Investor. Thus, by investing through AmFi, investors have access to a new type of asset with a very favorable risk-return. Traditionally, this type of investment is reserved for companies and large investors.

Redemption is done quickly through the AmFi platform. The deadline may vary depending on each operation.

Soon, we will make a marketplace available on our platform for selling tokens before expiration.

It's very simple!

  1. Access the platform and complete the registration, following all instructions.
  2. Make a Pix to add the desired balance to your wallet.
  3. Choose the opportunity that most attracts your profile, considering the asset, profitability, term, and that's it! Invest!


You will be able to monitor the evolution of your portfolio and the performance of the invested operation in real time through the platform's dashboard and the sending of periodic reports.



The opportunity remains open until your funding limit or maximum placement period is reached. Your target return varies depending on the risk of the operation (you can check the documentation for each opportunity).

After registration is approved on the platform, you can invest on the same day!

Only investors duly registered, evaluated and verified by the AmFi Platform can access Investment Opportunities.


Currently, AmFi only works with Qualified Investors (with gross income of R$200,000 per year) or Institutional Investors (with more than R$1 million invested).

See our whitepaper for more details here.

Clear! You can invest as many times as you want, in the same or multiple opportunities.

Yes, our investors can track performance on our platform. We will also email you a monthly tracking report.

On each opportunity screen, you can monitor, in real time, how the purchased assets are performing and the evolution of your portfolio.

There is a securitization company (structure that provides legal support for the operation with segregated assets) behind each opportunity. The amounts invested remain in a bank account of this securitization company and the originator of the opportunity can direct the funds to purchase assets.

We emphasize that AmFi is the legal representative behind the securitization company and investors are the final beneficiaries.

In a few seconds! We send proof of investment by email and you can download it, if you wish.

Operation originators who need help raising funds for their opportunity can use AmFi's distribution services. We will access our investor base, distributing your opportunity.

The value is negotiated on a case-by-case basis.

AmFi is responsible for monitoring investments and ensuring that receivables and other tokenized assets are managed efficiently and transparently, with, for example, consultation of information from the judicial receivables portfolio and the opportunity in real time, in addition to integration with escrow accounts (bank accounts used as a temporary deposit to retain funds in transactions between two parties), an instrument that helps mitigate the risk of this type of operation.

Your investment is 100% allocated to the separate assets (i.e., a specific and individual bank account) of the issuer of the Opportunity you invested in (i.e., the specific securitization company for your operation). Our business model was 100% validated by the CVM and we follow the best practices adopted by the financial market.

A AmFi é remunerada por meio de taxas de manutenção, estruturação e distribuição das oportunidades, de uma forma 100% transparente e você pode saber mais sobre isso em cada Oportunidade que você for investir.

Cada oportunidade tem um valor de aporte m√≠nimo √ļnico.

It will depend on each operation. There is a direct relationship between risk and return, less risky operations will have a lower return and vice versa.

See complete and in-depth material on the topic here.

If the operation portfolio does not perform as planned, there may be losses. We emphasize that AmFi includes mechanisms in each operation that increase the security of investments. Our monitoring system that identifies unusual changes in portfolios and blocks the operation immediately. This technology is made possible through agreements signed with eligibility criteria and covenants between the parties, that is, the entire operation is structured in a way that makes it clear what must be done in times of crisis.

If an operation has a high rate of delays, this may result in losses of invested capital. We emphasize that, by default, operations have a subordination index (liquidity cushion to cover losses) and the obligation to repurchase delayed assets. As a last resort, AmFi may interrupt the operation before its expiration date; In this scenario, investors would receive the current value of their investments before the transaction expires.

A MetaMask possibilita que o usuário faça a autocustódia de seus ativos, mas isso não é obrigatório, o investidor pode escolher usar nossa plataforma sem ter uma wallet. 

MetaMask allows the user to self-custody their assets, but this is not mandatory, the investor can choose to use our platform without having a wallet. Watch the video to learn how to create your MetaMask here.

AmFi has a customer service channel through our Customer Service!

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