Access products with attractive risk-reward ratio:

have more control and visibility!

If you are an accredited or institutional investor, AmFi provides:


Information clearly arranged and accessible


Consistently and unalterably arranged data

More control

Effective and automatic management of transactions with a high volume of information

Although the capital market offers several good opportunities, the security and transparency of the products are still a bottleneck for investors.

Extreme lack of governance that exposes investors to losses

Information asymmetry that leaves investors vulnerable to fraud

AmFi Pool is our first product:

A platform with a structure similar to that of traditional investment funds.

The difference:

At AmFi you have access to safer opportunities through a simple and innovative platform.

Control of all guarantees in real time

Security and transparency through technology

24/7 online monitoring

All in one place, integrated and automated!

Which results in more profitability for investors.

Profitability with risk mitigation through transparency and governance.



If you are an investor

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