AmFi is a pioneer in the Brazilian capital market and has developed a platform that brings together service providers and global investors, providing an infrastructure for blockchain-based financial products, including anticipation of receivables and structured operations.

Our goal is to bring innovation to the financial market while applying the highest standards of security and efficiency to protect the company and its users from violations of laws and regulations, as well as issues related to ethics, image, and sensitive information.

We recognize that security, governance, and compliance are critical to ensuring that the platform and its operations comply with applicable laws, regulations, and internal policies. Therefore, fostering an ethical and transparent culture is a sine qua non for the company's success. This includes encouraging employees, customers, and partners to report issues or concerns and to support the market as a whole in its development.

State-of-the-art security
The AmFi Platform was developed entirely by AmFi partners and staff and includes a complete and proprietary software system, system integrations, and business rules designed specifically for AmFi's core operations. One of the main tasks of the development team was to automate most of the processes and make them as little dependent on human intervention as possible to minimize the risk of manual errors or incorrect use of the Platform.

  • The system's back-office interface has permission control so that each internal AmFi User ("AmFi Operator") has access only to the actions required for their function, with access control, activity log, and audit of actions performed, including information edited, modified, replicated, and/or canceled.
  • No Employee, Partner, or Related Party has full access to keys, passwords and/or access passwords, used by the AmFi Platform systems to communicate with the blockchain. These keys are used exclusively by the system to perform automated functions.
  • All of these keys are protected by multiple layers of encryption. Each is encrypted with passwords from three different sources and then split into parts that are stored in topologically isolated infrastructures with disk encryption.
  • Communication between the different parts of the system is ensured through the simultaneous use of cryptography and several sophisticated and highly secure software development techniques, including: Handshake between internal services and third-party services, RSA key pairs, and communication via SSL, in addition to firewalls and isolation of subnets to prevent any outside access.
  • All logins and User information, including AmFi's internal Users, are stored in an audit log.
  • All executed writing operations are stored in an audit log with information on which User executed them.

    The Platform provides the necessary technology and regulatory structures in Brazil and other jurisdictions for AmFi customers, participants, and/or users to create, implement, manage, and operate on-chain receivables anticipation pools with ease, security, and transparency. In addition, the Platform is designed to allow various traditional financial assets to be used as guarantees and collateral for operations.

    The Platform also enables the construction and deployment of new DeFi products without requiring Users to develop code or systems internally, meaning the Platform can also be accessed via white label, application programming interfaces (APIs), or what are known as smart contracts.

    The Platform has a dynamic structure where the services offered can be used as a package or in the form of modules, as in the case of the User who uses the Platform only to tokenize certain assets in his portfolio.


    AmFi comes at a very special time in the Brazilian capital market, in which several initiatives, projects, and protocols are proposed to bring even more technology and innovation to the financial market. Therefore, it is worth noting that regulators and federal authorities are constantly discussing the classification of this new type of activity and, consequently, there is no explicit regulation for the activities developed by AmFi.

    Without disregarding the imminent approval of the applicable legislation, AmFi applies the highest standard of diligence and best market practices in its activities and, for this reason, has spontaneously produced several documents on security, compliance, and governance. AmFi has also incorporated best market practices into its systems and processes, and spontaneously adheres to the highest standards set by regulatory bodies (including the Central Bank of Brazil, CVM, B3, and Anbima).

    In addition, AmFi relies on close collaboration with the Brazilian regulator and was one of the six companies selected for the Central Bank's Regulatory Sandbox program Lift Lab 2022. As such, the company worked closely with the regulator to present its Platform and the benefits of standardizing receivables and financial assets and automating their settlement and reconciliation through the use of blockchain smart contracts.
    To learn more, access AmFi Universe and our whitepaper.


    Code of ethics and conduct

    Compliance policy and AML/CFT

    Integrated risk management policy

    Business continuity plan

    Cyber security policy


    AmFi not only follows best market practices and standards set by the Brazilian regulator but is also a pioneer in Brazil in several areas and believes that transparency and ethics are fundamental principles of the capital market.

    We have risk management, governance, and compliance actions:
    • Focus on governance and compliance, applying best market practices
    • Segregated assets in compliance with the provisions of PL 4401
    • Risk, Finance, and Compliance Committee
    • For clients: We perform KYC, suitability checks, and detailed user individualization
    For Employees and Related Parties: KYE policy and personal investments

    Because we have these attributes as AmFi’s pillars, we are invested in by the best professionals in the market:



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