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CommuniFi is a powerful community created by AmFi to bring us closer to our customers and anyone interested in the blockchain and investment universe.

We want to build the next generation of capital markets, and we know it will not happen single-handedly. We need a tight-knit community with a sense of belonging.

In this way we will change the market and have a better product and engaged and united people.

More than

200 members in less than 2 months


More than

20 live streamings with our partners

authorities in the Web2 and Web3 markets.


Exclusive lives streamings with the AmFi team, specialists in the Web2 and Web3 financial markets.

Discussions and exchanges between members and market experts.

Content with big names, such as João Hazim and Gustavo Cunha.

And you will be part of building a community that will change the market!

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Let's build the next generation of
capital markets. Together!

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